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What type of services are you looking for (ie: sales, distribution, collections etc)?

Are you interested in:
Distribution in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Open Markets
or only in the US?

What were your Gross Sales and Returns in that territory for the last 3 years?
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What are your forecasted Gross and Net Sales for this year?

How many active titles do you have in total?

What is the average retail price of these titles?

How many new titles do you publish per year?

How much inventory do you typically have on hand (in units and pallets)?

What percentage of your business comes from the large retailers, independent accounts and non-traditional (e.g., gift) accounts?

Do your books require work-orders (e.g., stickering, displays, assortments, etc.)?

If yes, roughly what percentage of total books shipped need work-orders?

When does your current contract end?

Do you have a notification period?

What are the top 2-3 reasons for your interest in changing distributors?



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