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The following is a list of frequently asked questions.
If your question is not here, please contact the client services team.


1. How do I get my books into the warehouse?

Shipments should be sent to:

      Truck delivery:                                        UPS or Fedex:
      Perseus Distribution Services                   Perseus Distribution Services                   
      193 Edwards Drive                                   191 Edwards Drive
      Jackson, TN  38301                                   Jackson, TN  38301
      PHONE: 1-800-343-4499                            
      FAX: 1-800-351-5073

Important Note
Whenever you ship anything (including books) to the Distribution Center via UPS or any other service other than Motor Freight, you *must* use the UPS/FedEx address listed above.  Please do not ship small shipments to the Truck Delivery address!

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2. How do I set up a promo code?

Contact Regina Muscatelli, and provide the detail of what the promotion will entail and when it will run. She will send you the official promo code which your reps will need to use on the order form when submitting the relevant orders.

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3. What is the process to insure that drop shipments from my printer to the accounts
     get billed appropriately?

We recommend that all shipments go through the our warehouse in Jackson, TN. However, there may be instances when your print schedule is too tight and the accounts need to receive the books right away.  in which case a binder shipment is necessary. You are required to fill out a bindery shipment form in order to insure proper billing.  Contact Sarmistha Chowdhury for forms.

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4. What are the seasonal deadlines for title information?

Please refer to the Seasonal Deadlines PDF. PDF

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5. How can I get the latest projections to help me set a print run?

Our online databases are constantly updated to provide you with the latest projections. It is still a good idea, when you are setting a print run, to contact us two weeks in advance in case we have updates that have not yet been entered.

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6. How do I request a work order?

Please contact Kevin McAlexander in the work order department or email your inventory control contact who can put you in touch with Kevin.  You will need to provide details on what specific work is required for the work order.

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